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Graphic Design

These are some Graphic Design Projects I have completed over my Design career. 

Coffee Blend Label

This was a series of 5 labels I completed for Zocalo Coffee. The new labels needed to be created in a rush of 4 days as well as match the customer's current branding. All labels were completed and accepted by the customer. Completed in Adobe Illustrator. 

Logo for College Group

This was the chosen label for this organization at Chabot Community College. Our class individually designed logos for them and they picked the one they liked the most at the time. Completed in Adobe Illustrator. 

Tea Logo.png
Get Buzzed Can.png

Cider Label 

This was a project in where we created a physical image using a linocut of our own design and transformed it into a digital label. Completed in Adobe Illustrator. 

Van Graphic

I designed the layout and graphics for the new Company van they use for catering at Zocalo Coffee. 

Van Decal.png
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